ZF 4 HP-22 Repair Manual

ZF 4 HP-22 Repair Manual

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ZF 4 HP-22 Repair ManualMarket: -CD/DVD: 1 CDLanguage: EN, DEType: Repair ManualZF 4HP22 Repair Manual1. General notes1.1 Picture of Transmission1.2 Power flow schedule1.4 Adjustment data1.5 Tightening Torques1.6 Fault finding table automatic gearbox...

ZF 4 HP-22 Repair Manual

  • Market: -
  • CD/DVD: 1 CD
  • Language: EN, DE
  • Type: Repair Manual

ZF 4HP22 Repair Manual

1. General notes

1.1 Picture of Transmission
1.2 Power flow schedule
1.4 Adjustment data
1.5 Tightening Torques
1.6 Fault finding table automatic gearbox - type 4HP22
1.7 Checking of Transmission ( in Vehicle )
1.8 Special tools 4HP22

2. Disassembling

2.1 Disassembling after sequence
2.2 4th Gear assembly
2.3 PIanetary set with web shaft and brakes C',C and D
2.4 CIutch B
2.5 CIutch A
2.6 Bellhousing with intermediate plate and pump
2.7 Transmission extension and cantrifugal governor
2.8 Tranmission case with shift selection

3. Assembly

3.1 Tranmission case with selector and park assembly
3.2 Brake F
3.3 CIutch E
3.4 Mounting and assembly of 4th gear complete
3.5 Park mechanism
3.6 PIanetary set 4th gear
3.7 Web shaft with planetary set
3.8 Cylinder C-D
3.9 Brake D with freewheel first gear
3.10 Brake C-C'
3.11 CIutch B
3.12 CIutch A
3.13 Pump,intermediate plate and bell housing
3.14 Govemor and transmission extension
3.15 Valve body,OiI Pan and Torque Converter

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